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Important Update July 17, 2020

We have remained optimistic regarding the impact of the global pandemic trends across the country and region on the format of the 2020 Estes Epic. The health and safety of our riders, runners, families, staff, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and community are our number one priority. As we’ve absorbed the magnitude of COVID-19 over the last few months in our county and thoroughly assessed the precautions and changes needed to produce a quality event, we have determined that it would result in a significantly compromised experience. With this unwavering focus, it is clear that a viable in-person event is not possible, safe, nor responsible. 


Although we are all disappointed that we cannot physically host the 2020 Estes Epic in one of the most beautiful places on this planet, Estes Park, one thing we continue to be amazed with is how encouraging and tightly woven this community of riders and runners are even though we are spread across the country. While we can’t host the race in Estes Park this year, we still want to stay connected with one another. As fellow riders and runners we know that it helps to have a goal on the calendar that keeps us training, riding, running, and motivated. We also know all of us want to help those in need and contribute to the amazing student athletes of the Estes Park High School Mountain Bike Team that this race supports.


To keep us all motivated, we have decided to hold a virtual event that will include traditional acknowledgments, raffles, and swag! We are excited that the 2020 Estes Epic Virtual will be a fun way to keep us all motivated throughout the summer… more details will be provided on the particulars soon!


If you have registered for the 2020 Estes Epic, your registration has been automatically deferred and you are guaranteed entry to next year’s event. You are also automatically enrolled in the 2020 Estes Epic Virtual. Before registration becomes available for the 2021 Estes Epic, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete your deferred registration.


We look forward to the day when we will again share the thrill of racing and experience the joy, suffering, and camaraderie of respectful competition with our fellow athletes from across the world. Thank you for respecting this decision, and we wish you continued good health and safety.

Make your Labor Day Weekend Epic!

Estes Park is known as a world class trail running destination, but there is a rumor floating around that there are no good mountain biking trails. Well, we've decided to finally let our most precious secret out of the bag and share the truth; Estes Park has an impressive display of buff single track and rugged backcountry trails that are truly unique.

The route rides/runs the beautiful Roosevelt National Forest being comprised of approximately 20% paved and gravel road, 30% single track, and 50% double track/fire road. With gorgeous creek crossings, one way single track, and a peak elevation of 9,500', this is truly Epic.

Be a part of the 31 mile MTB Race, 50K Ultramarathon,      24K+ Heavy Half Marathon, or earn the title of Epic             and do the Double!

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